Client how to get it and how to run

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Client how to get it and how to run

Post  life on Sun Aug 16, 2009 9:23 am

Step one.

getting Winrar.

First you need winrar to get files and to extract them to detskop

Winrar download link

instal it and done

step two.

getting jdk and java

theres many downloads for jdk but be wise and choose jdk 6 update 16 Smile

jdk link

getting java is pretty simple just go to

and download and install simple? yes

step three.

getting client for server

LD client link (has custom items) download.php?iznnmtjv0jz

HD client link (better graphichs but no customs) download.php?w3omgw2mtlg

extract client to detsop open it and hit run
it will ask ip. write down our ip:

now you can start playing king

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